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Balanga Tourism / IEC for the Promotion of Wetland Park

posted May 19, 2015, 4:39 AM by Barangay Tortugas
The promotion of the Wetland and Nature Park is another commendable program of the barangay. With its promotion comes its conservation in the role it plays in sustaining the ecosystem for our own well-being.  We tapped the school children from Tortugas Elementary School to help us share the information about the Park to all visitors. 

The protection of the Wetland and Nature Park is not just for the residents of Tortugas but to the greater populace. The preservation of the rivers and the thick mangrove areas now resulted to a diversity of life as we see a large number of different bird species in flocks flying over the Park.

With the awareness and support of our community, the amazing eco life will be witnessed today and through the next generation.