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Barangay Tanods and BPATs Monthly Clean –up

posted Oct 14, 2014, 7:41 AM by Barangay Tortugas
Our Tanods and BPATs seriously take their primary role of keeping the peace and order in our community. But they can also be relied upon as volunteers in our Barangay clean up drive. They have a regular monthly clean up schedule around the barangay. Young and old residents of Barangay Tortugas, admire them as they witness this effort beyond their duty. In return everyone does their part in pushing the importance of unity in promoting living in a clean surrounding.

Another good thing that resulted from this is the thoughtfulness of some of our Kabarangays who donate snacks after the clean up to the joy of the Tanods and the BPATs! The monthly salo-salo promotes good fun and forms good relationship among the residents.