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Barangay Tortugas' Most Outstanding Father of the Year

posted Aug 27, 2013, 8:59 PM by Barangay Tortugas   [ updated Aug 28, 2013, 5:42 PM ]
4/21/13 - Our time-honored respect for Filipino family is the very reason Barangay Tortugas looks for The Outstanding Family of the Year. As in years past, as part of our annual Plan and Program, we look for a family who deserves recognition for inspiring the community. Following the set criteria and guidelines, the award for the chosen family is presented during the Tortugas Elementary School Graduation Rites.

In relation to this program, the City of Balanga is also in search of the Most Outstanding Father of the Year as promoted by our dear Mayor Joet Garcia. Each of the 25 Barangays comprising the city nominates their entry. A special committee composed of department heads and special city consultants choose the deserving recipient.

Each candidate is chosen by his achievements and contributions to his family and his community. He must show that, as a man who reveres God, he plays the vital role of a father in the development and well being of his children and helps do great things, which makes a difference to community life.

This year, Mr.
    Rolando “Rhollie, Lando” Almario Dizon is selected as Barangay Totugas’ Most Outstanding Father. He is a BS Elementary Education graduate from Guagua National Colleges with MS units from Philippine Normal University. He currently serves as Educhild Consultant for the City Government of Balanga.

He is the loving husband of Mrs. Susan “Susan” Cortez Dizon who is a BS Nursing graduate from Philippine Christian University. She currently works at the Provincial Government of Bataan Mr. Dizon is the positive role model and influential father to his sons:

1. Mark Wesley “Poch” Dizon who is a BS Biology graduate from Philippine Christian University and currently works at BI-FAB. Mark Wesley is married to Jean Susette “Ghie” Zabala Dizon, a
    BS Physical Therapy graduate from Our Lady of Fatima University and currently works at the Provincial Government of Bataan.

2. John Ryan “Kokoy” Dizon who is a BS Industrial Engineering graduate from Saint Louis University, Baguio City (SLU), with MS in Mechanical Engineering from Andong National University, South Korea, finished PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from Andong National University, South Korea.He is a member of the faculty at the College of Engineering and Architecture of Bataan Peninsula State University and who is currently a Post Doctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Department of Mechanical Design Engineering at Andong National University, South Korea.

Kokoy is married to Ria-Ann “Ria” Lomeda Dizon, a BS Food Technology graduate from University of the Philippines at Los Baños (UPLB), with MS in Food and Nutrition from Andong National University, South Korea and currently works as University Research Associate at the Bataan Peninsula State University.

There's so much to say about Mr Dizon and his family.
  He has been a major player in our Barangay for as long as we could remember as part of The Bayside Guys Club, giving entertainment and gift giving from the 1970s up to now as a Rotarian.  He is also involved in most of our Barangay plannings and programs as a member of the Barangay Development Council. He makes himself available to different NGOs who seek his help. He is known not only in the faith community here in our barrio but also in the city, region as well as nation wide as "The Right Hand of Jesus". His spiritual life & belief and his principles have been his arms in surviving the toughest times and in achieving great things as a family man and as a citizen. These are just a few reasons why Barangay Tortugas highly nominate THE MAN: MR ROLANDO ALMARIO DIZON as THE MOST OUTSTANDING FATHER OF THE YEAR!!! And everyone says: IKAW NA!