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Barangay Week Program Version 2

posted Mar 12, 2012, 2:03 AM by Barangay Tortugas   [ updated Mar 12, 2012, 8:16 AM ]
Long Live Barangay Tortugas ! Long Live the City Government! MabuhayTayong Lahat!... The recently concluded  Barangay Week Program  in our village was very successful. Thanks to our   City Mayor Joet Garcia's  commitment in providing the various regular and basic services to citizens in every village .. A promise the mayor is  able to keep.

In the Version 2 Program initiated by our City Mayor, the Barangay Council, headed by the Barangay Captain is given the  free hand in the management of all programs, services, reviews and in everything that is needed which  include finding the necessary resource persons for the program and to look for  the corresponding  funds to further enhance the activities. In this aspect, the City Mayor has already equipped the Barangay Council with the skills through seminars, trainings and workshops. Mayor Joet ensures the availability of funds and timetable for these in preparation for the City Government's Mission and Vision 2021.

The city governments didn't  stop in just helping each Barangay official confidently do their responsibilities and duties but the financial support amounting to P150,000.00 was given to each Barangay ensuring the favorable and desired outcome in the celebration of the Barangay Week as per the  Scheduled Program which had been inplaced.

We are proud and happy to say that a big number of residents turned up to take part in the weeklong programs signaling their support in all the efforts of the Barangay Council in improving the life of each resident. The official Barangay Hymn of Tortugas was also first played during the celebration entitled "Hawakan Mo Ang Bukas" HOLD ON TO THE FUTURE, encouraging the youth to make themselves aim high to best help themselves and at the same time their community, gearing them to involve themselves in the communjy affairs. Because in doing so, they can give part of themselves and at the same time share in harvest of their labor tomorrow.
The  Pamahalaang Barangay and Multi Sectoral Governance Coalition ( MSGC) made up by different local organizations who are continuously in one and who supports all the Barangay programs since the beginning. These are the following:  Lupong Tagapamayapa, Kabalikat, Bayside Rotary Community Corps, Rural Improvement Club, Pitong Gatang, Kanin Lamig, Fire Gays, Muchas Grasas, Otit Orods, Pulo Youth Organizations, Gerlieliciuos, Mabulate, QC voyz at ang Skolar ng Bataan Tortugas Chapter. Each group work together  out of genuine concern for the community. Their constant involvement, the presence and financial support they pledge for all the Barangay programs are very  much appreciated by Barangay Captain Vic. More Power to all of you! 

Lastly, the Barangay Council reported their achievements, programs and plans for the community through the Barangay Assembly from October 2011 to date. All Barangay Committee chairperson gave their respective reports.  Barangay Captain Vic Baluyot Jr also gave his full report detailing what had been done, what projects/programs are on going and his plans for the remaining quarter for this year.

With all the combined assistance of everybody, we are sure that we are doing today will make Barangay Tortugas the best Barangay  now and beyond. God Bless Us All!