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Community-Based Risk Reduction Plan and Orientation

posted May 19, 2015, 4:29 AM by Barangay Tortugas
Members of the Barangay Council of Tortugas received a pilot program from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Office of the Civil Defense (OCD) on community based disaster risk reduction. This aims to address the problems brought about by strong Typhoon, Earthquake and Flooding, etc of vulnerable barangays.

We then reechoed what we have learned to the community so that every resident would know what to do when disaster occurs minimizing deaths and damages to properties. 

These are the important things that we have learned:


a. The use of the Early Warning System to disseminate early disaster guidelines, an emergency communication when our community is under threat.  Its use will reach a large number of people and they will be able to acknowledge the warning messages through sounding three (3) different sirens such as: 


ALERT LEVEL 1. To get ready

ALERT LEVEL 2. To evacuate residents from high risk area/s to a safer
place as that of the designated evacuation area

ALERT LEVEL 3. To evacuate the whole barangay

b. Always have a prepared GO BAG packed with emergency amenities.

c. Teach the head of the family to have their own family evacuation plan, this is to assemble and account on the members of the family.

d. Designate a PICK-UP POINT during evacuation for each Purok. This is to eliminate confusion and crowding in the streets. Streets are to remain cleared so that the transport, which will take the residents to the official evacuation site, will not be hampered.

e. To identify the JICA and OCD trained persons from the barangay who will guide them through the whole evacuation operation.