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Educational Tour & Team Building Workshop

posted Dec 24, 2011, 4:52 AM by Barangay Tortugas   [ updated Dec 24, 2011, 5:00 AM ]
On December 9-11, 2011 the Barangay Council of Tortugas was fortunate to have their Lakbay- Aral at the same time Team Building activities in Laguna and Tagaytay.

On the early morning of December 9 the group headed towards Sta. Rosa Laguna to a place called NUVALI. Upon arrival at the Nuvali Lake shore the friendly staff welcomed us and guided the group to their exhibit and the audiovisual presentation of their properties. 

We have learned that Nuvali is a 1,750 hectares property of the AYALA land and the Yulo family claiming to be the first sustainably developed ECO-community in the Philippines.

The staff explained the key features of their vision that is: environment, economic and social sustainability. They develop low intensity land use design with an approximate 50% balance between open and built spaces. Quality of life is enhanced through water conservation and re- use scheme. Energy efficiency, privately owned public transport sufficient for all, use of E-jeeps and water taxis. Utilization of strict waste management and maintenance of parks and bird sanctuary.

We visited several of their eco homes and facilities which features eco friendly cooling system, green roof and low emissibility glass and external insulation system for effective heat insulation. They also advocate the use of energy efficient appliances and use of solar panels.

We were also able to ride the water taxi and wander around their lake and of course the relaxing …feeding of the Fish/ Koi by the lagoon.

Our next destination is towards Tagaytay Mission camp few hours away from Laguna. We had our lunch and room assignments and we had our first team building /energizer exercise entitled Blind wine waiter which aims to assess team work communication and leadership. Two groups of five (5) was organized and elected among themselves a leader namely Councilor Joey Mendoza and Punong Barangay Victor A. Baluyot Jr. The mechanics and rules were explained by the facilitator. Joey’s team emerges as winner. The group happily narrates their insights on the importance of action planning, monitoring, evaluation documentation and effective communication as a tool to improve performance was also cited.

Everybody admired Sonya’s garden located in Alfonso, Cavite. The place was surrounded by vine flowers and trees. Numerous fountains of all sizes were seen complementing the native/ outback theme of the perfumed place.

On our last day we had Bonding belt which is a hilarious activity which evaluates participants‘receptivity to fun and assess communication strategies and how group improve performance.

We take pleasure in our 3 days 2 nights relaxing and educational stay in Laguna, Tgaytay and Cavite.