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Fire Drill Activity

posted Sep 2, 2013, 9:03 PM by Barangay Tortugas   [ updated Sep 2, 2013, 9:05 PM ]

Fire drills are very important because through practice people  will learn what to do and how to behave in an emergency. How  prepared they are during a fire drill is  very  important.  Tips and steps will help to have an  effective emergency response and remain in control.

  Barangay Peace and Order Committee (BPOC) continues with their  program for the year. There are a number of trainings lined up for them by CDRRMO. Our Barangay  strives to  improve our  disaster response plan.

We like to thank
  Punong Barangay  (PB)Jess Jimenez of  Barangay Malabia, the ex Fire Station Chief, for accepting our invitation to talk about  proper preparation techniques in the event fire breakout in our Barangay.

PB Vic Baluyot introduced our existing
  Barangay Standard Operating Procedure and PB Jimenez  was highly satisfied with it. He left us with a few more helpful tips in dealing with emergencies.

PB Jimenez mentioned that Barangay Tortugas, being an island, has sufficient supply of water when faced with fire. And that while fire trucks would normally need to do fill ups, we have the advantage of not running out of water as we have a good source,
  our rivers, using water pumps.

We look at our fire drills as a serious matter. During one of our drills, it was very evident that we had ample supply of water. Though what we do are meant to be that of
  FIRST RESPONDERS  steps,  they are critically important while awaiting for  firefighters to arrive.

Maraming salamat pong muli
  kay P.B. Jess Jimenez ng Barangay Malabia sa inyong pagtulong. Mabuhay po!