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Iyeeks! Ace Durano’s Visit to Torutugas Bay Park

posted Aug 24, 2009, 7:16 PM by Barangay Tortugas   [ updated Aug 25, 2009, 12:08 AM ]

From the bottom of our hearts, barangay Tortugas would like to once again thank Governor Tet Garcia, Congressman Abet Garcia, and Mayor Joet Garcia for being the triad force in reacquainting us with the nature that is nearly lost. We appreciate your support and effort in making this tiny barangay a known entity nationwide, if not worldwide just yet by making Tortugas Bay Park a Bird Watching Site. Inviting national officials to come here reflects their serious commitment in the preservation of bird life.

October 16, 2008 marks the time when Barangay Tortugas takes centre stage as one of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s cabinet members, the Honorable Secretary of the Department of Tourism, Ace Durano personally visits our Bay Park. The presence of Secretary Ace Durano adds excitement and pride can be felt among the Tortugas residents and all the other guests from the Provincial Government, the City Government of Balanga, officials from the NGO and representatives from religious groups.

This momentous visit is in conjunction with the inauguration of the Bird Watching Site.  Secretary Ace Durano, Congressman Abet, Governor Tet and Mayor Joet fly kites to symbolize birds freely flying in our area.

We are truly grateful to the following personalities and agencies that are continuously helping us: all the department heads of the City Tourism Council, MISO, City Agriculture Office and the  GSO. Special mention is given to to Sir Rudy De Mesa for his time in bringing out the potential of our barangay and to be recognized as a tourist park in the city of Balanga, province of Bataan. Special thanks are given to Sir Micheal C. Lu, President of Wild Bird Club of the Philippines who is responsible for the discovery of 24 bird species at Tortugas Bay Park Bird Watching Site. We also acknowledge Dr. Joey Soriano who is giving us helpful information and instructions on how to improve and look after these birds who find sanctuary in our Bay Park. Not so long ago, a Chinese Egret, an endangered species was also sighted here.

‘Iyeeeks!’ has been the word of the day. Secretary Ace Durano says it several times throughout the program to the enjoyment of the locals. ‘Iyeeeks!’ is a slang word of the residents of Tortugas which varies its meaning depending on the emotions being expressed. We say it if we are genuinely satisfied, surprised, thankful or appreciative. On this note, we say our big ‘Iyeeeks!’ to the Garcias' for inspiring us to give our best service for our barangay. We believe in the reforms the 3Gs are doing. A progressive barangay would mean a progressive city and a progressive city would mean a progressive provincial government thus making a progressive Philippines.

Finally, by everyone doing their part to preserve this bird sanctuary, we can ensure that future generations do not only see these beautiful creatures in books, but experience and appreciate them in its full glory. Let us not fail God in looking after His creations. Let His creations WOW us...WOW Tortugas...WOW Balanga...WOW Bataan...WOW Philippines!!!