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Lecture on RA 9262 VAWC

posted Aug 18, 2014, 1:51 PM by Barangay Tortugas
With the fast and ever challenging trend of life today, it's necessary for us, Barangay officials, to learn about the laws in safeguarding our residents.

An example is the alarming number of cases involving the mistreatment-abuse of women and children for which Republic Act 9262 is very important to know and understand.

From our City Social Welfare Development Office, Social Worker Ms. Lizbeth Ann Samaniego. We were given extensive education about the law on Violence against women and their children. Through this provision, the Barangay Council and the Lupong Tagapamayapa had a more adequate understanding of what this law entails.

Included in the study was the provision of Barangay Protection Order (BPO) ; how petition is requested and who can request it. These are :

(a) the offended party

(b) parents or guardians of the offended party;

(c) Ascendants, descendants or collateral relatives within the fourth civil degree of  consanguinity or affinity;

(d) Officers or social workers of the DSWD or social workers of local government units (LGUs);

(e) Police officers, preferably those in charge of women and children's desks;

(f) Punong Barangay or Barangay Kagawad;

(g) Lawyer, counselor, therapist or healthcare provider of the petitioner;

(h) At least two (2) concerned responsible citizens of the city or municipality where the violence against women and their children occurred and who have personal knowledge of the offense committed.

These were just a few of the number of things that we learned from this lecture. We are now confident that we shall be able to arrive at a fair decision when the need arises in the future.