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Testimony of Punong Barangay Victor A. Baluyot Jr. of Barangay Tortugas on the Importance of Mayor Jose Enrique S. Garcia III 's Various Program

posted Jun 29, 2012, 12:21 AM by Barangay Tortugas
We applaud to the different program of our dear Mayor Joet Garcia III in the City of Balanga!  The different services which include education, health, peace, economic and others in response to the needs of each resident are extended to the least member of the Barangay. Through dialogues between him and with different sectors/departments in the city and also by sending him letters, recommendations and resolutions passed by the Barangay thru Internet, the program is quickly executed and implemented.

An example is the development of the Wetland and Nature Park, an eco-tourism site recognized throughout the world . The City Government whom he led, continues to focus  on this and in collaboration  with our barangay council, the park is now  being frequently visited  by tourists from different parts of the country. Likewise, noted significantly and to the delight of our residents, were the accomplishments in the city public works of our new bridge, school rooms, covered court, new village hall, water systems, sea walls, concrete roads and path walks that improve the lifestyle of everybody here. The skills of our Barangay police in implementing the barangay peace and order has also improved. Thanks to the good training he provide as they learn to strengthen their ability in doing their duty. And as part of his Barangay Week Program, our barangay had been granted the award as "Barangay with the best in Peace and Order Programs ". There is a massive improvement in  our health care services and programs. The various medical missions provided to us really help a lot of our  Kabarangays.  The EduChild Program that equiped both parents and teachers to be more effcective and consistent in handling thier children and pupils respectively. Same  is true with the environmental hygiene. This is because learning how to manage our  waste is  also being addressed in the said program. Our award for the Accreditation Program for Public Elementary School (LEVEL 1) of the Department of Education is also one of the blessings enjoyed by the Barangay, which is also contained in the City vision to be a World Class University Town by year 2020. Our Mayor's Barangay Online project provides us free Internet Wi-Fi connections in the barangay that made available to the students as well as the professional and technical networking residents.  And above all, the highest honor acquired by our community as the "Hall of Famer Awardee" being the Finest Barangay in the City of Balanga is brought by our comprehensive and active coordination with him. Our Barangay Officials learn the effective Barangay Governance Performance Management System entrusted to them.

Again, we would like to thank Hon Mayor Joet Garcia on his very innovative program that helps build strong and effective Barangays in the whole of the city.  Barangay Tortugas is one in stating that Mayor Joet Garcia's leadership spells benefits and progress!