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Tortugas on target, Tortugas is changing, Tortugas springing up!

posted Aug 29, 2014, 8:23 PM by Barangay Tortugas
Barangay Tortugas is one of the 25 barangays in the city of Balanga, province of Bataan. It is a coastal island in the easternmost part of Balanga City. Its land area measures at 32.9 hectares; it is surrounded by the connecting Talisay River and Manila Bay. It has a total population of 2,664 people as per the latest census.

The Barangay Council ensures that all programs as mandated by the City Government are being observed as scheduled. This is true with our 
compliance with Learning Barangay Week each year which proves to be very effective in "...bringing the city government closer to its constituents at the barangay level". And with Mayor Joet Garcia's various program guidelines in place, there is a remarkable improvement in the enthusiasm and level of cooperation and performance across all services. Consultations, both informal and formal, help the members of Sangguniang Barangay understand the needs of our Kabarangay and they are able to prioritize and respond accordingly. The support system, from the NGOs and from our local community organizations, enables us to achieve what's best for the whole community.

The Barangay Literacy Program initiative is seriously taken both by the City Government and our Barangay. Our participation leads to opportunity and improvement of individuals who are having difficulty in accessing student textbooks, and our Out of School Youth (OSY) who are deprived of education and employment now have a chance to enroll and be part of the different trainings and workshops being offered in the Barangay level thus, a number of earlier participants now have jobs while others opted to attend further workshops and workplace trainings.

Barangay Tortugas is proud to have the Balanga City Wetland and Nature Park, the first in the Philippines, in their own seaside. The efforts of many in its development and the preservation of its ecosystem transformed this eleven (11) hectares coastal and estuarine haven "as an outdoor recreational museum and teaching aid for city residents and visitors" especially the students. City Mayor Joet Garcia continues with his program of promoting Wetland and Nature Park as one of various schools educational trip destinations. The Department of Tourism listed Barangay Tortugas, along with 2 other barangays, Pto. Rivas and Sibacan, as among the 13 official bird watching sites in the Philippines. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines to date, has recorded close to 26,000 migratory birds identified in the said combined areas. That being said, the annual city IBONG DAYO FESTIVAL is being held here attracting tourists and local residents and raising serious awareness on Wetland and Nature Park's conservation. Environmental preservation through monthly clean ups and mangrove planting participated by students and other NGOs are part and parcel of the City Government and for that matter, Barangay Tortugas’ commitment.

Tortugas Barangay Council strives to do its best to help and improve the life of everybody in the community from livelihood, education, health and wellness, peace and order to name some. Trainings for the Out of School youth, medical aids for the Senior Citizens and indigent families, and other best practices concerning the constituents are being utilized. Thus, Barangay Tortugas has numerous local organizations who believe in the Council's good governance that they readily give their support to them.

Barangay Tortugas is now a household name even beyond Balanga City and the Barangay Council is humbled by this. Barangay Tortugas is a proud recipient of multiple awards. The elation in each winning doesn't stop in the celebration. Each winning begets projects and benefits for the whole of the Barangay.

Barangay Tortugas is a recipient of the highest award, the TRAIL BLAZER AWARD, for good governance. It is also a HALL OF FAMER now for successfully receiving the Most Outstanding Barangay Award for three consecutive years and has also received the SUSTAINABILITY AWARD last year.

We are proud recipients of the following awards:

Best Barangay in Literacy Program 2013/2012
Best Financially Managed Barangay 2013/2012
Best Barangay on Peace and Order, Security and Human Rights Program Implementation 2013/2012
Best Barangay Week Implementor (Third Runner-up) 2013
Best Barangay Week Implementor 2012
Most Business Friendly Barangay (Second Runner-up) 2013
Most Business Friendly Barangay (First Runner -up) 2012
Natatanging Barangay sa Pamamalakad ng Lupong Tagapamayapa (First
Runner-up) 2013/2012
Most Child Friendly Barangay (First Runner -up) 2013
Most Child Friendly Barangay (Second Runner-up) 2012
Best Barangay Cultural Celebration (First Runner-up) 2012
Best Barangay Secretary 2013/2012
Best Barangay Treasurer 2013/2012