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Turismo sa Balanga - Wetland and Nature Park Conservation and Promotion

posted Aug 18, 2014, 2:13 PM by Barangay Tortugas
The Wetland and Nature Park is considered a natural resource of Barangay Tortugas. This wetland had been reclaimed and many are now enjoying its natural splendor especially the younger generations. Of what it is today, it is now a living testament to a number of Barangays, which are endowed with same resources. Some may be presently in the neglected state but with each community’s joint effort, their restoration is possible!

At present, the Wetland and Nature Park is constantly being visited by different sectors to see for themselves the great changes and how it greatly helps the ecosystem. The care being given resulted in the rapid growth of mangrove trees and the clean water now flowing in the river-a perfect environment for breeding different species: fish, shells and growing back corals among others. We once lost some of them but we can see for ourselves now that we can do something to care for this wetland, restore its vitality. And as we see lots of migratory birds flying above the park, we can be sure that Mother Nature is smiling back at us.

We continue with our campaign for the general public especially the students and various government sectors within and outside our city, to come and visit our Wetland and Nature Park and be inspired.