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posted Nov 4, 2010, 8:20 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Nov 5, 2010, 5:44 AM by Barangay Tortugas ]
What a journey it had been for this little village of Tortugas. T’was a journey which had been well travelled by its previous Barangay Council. It only took 2 ½ years for Punong Barangay Victor A. Baluyot Jr. and his commendable Kagawad to deliver more than sixty (60) million worth of developments and infrastructures. What a delight to view these:


1. Improvement of Health Center
2. Concreting of road at Quesada
3. Improvement of Day Care Center
4. Construction of path walk and canal at Punzalan (Purok I)

5. Construction of seawall at Wetland Park
6. Repainting of Water Tank I & additional pipeline at Quesada
7. Wetland Site Development (Phase I)
8. Construction of Wetland Info. Center Building
9. Improvement of Open Space at Tortugas Elem. School
10.Repair of footbridge at Lupang Pangako

Award for Most Outstanding Barangay of 2008
11. Rehabilitation of pipeline at Barangay Tortugas
12. Elevated Water Tank II
13. Barangay Patrol Car (Multicab)

14. Construction of Covered Court at Tortugas Elem. School
15. Construction of Catalino Dizon Bridge
16. Construction of School Building at Tortugas Elem. School
17. Wetland Park Site Development Phase II (4th quarter)
18. Desilting Project at Talisay River
19. Construction of one unit deepwell at Tortugas Elem. School
20. Back-up motor for Barangay Water System (4th quarter)

Award for Most Outstanding Barangay of 2009
21. Construction of pipeline at Lupang Pangako (4th quarter)
22. Rehabilitation of Barangay Hall (4th quarter)

Yes, there are more of these coming! The 25th October, 2010 Barangay Election once again sat Hon. Victor A. Baluyot Jr. as Punong Barangay and retained five (5) of his Kagawad. It is hoped that the two (2) newly elected Kagawad would add embers of good purpose and intentions, of enthusiasm to serve and be part of the current glow of vision: More developments and improvement for Tortugas. The chance to continue to serve means realization of the following plans for Barangay Tortugas.

1. Rehabilitation/ Construction of canals with concrete cover
2. Rehabilitation/ Construction of seawall (West & South side)
3. Construction of Multi-Purpose Building (New Barangay Hall)
4. Construction of seawall at Lupang Pangako
5. Rehabilitation of Barangay Health Center at Barangay Tortugas
6. Re-roofing of Multi-Purpose Building (Covered Court) at Bay Park
7. Road access leading to Lupang Pangako
8. Low Cost Housing Projects

Though doing so many things in the line of duty sometimes drain them, even leave a bad taste to some, bottom line is member of Barangay Council will not stop in seeking ways and means to make Tortugas no longer a commonplace but a transformed barangay. Let us all join hands in witnessing the glory of Tortugas: a place of beauty and splendor and progress. Let us all work for the glory of GOD!