Plans and Programs

A. Livelihood Programs - provide appropriate livelihood programs for our residents;

B. Reading Center - put up a reading center for the school youth where they can access information needed for research and current events purposes as well as
  link Internet services and for the adults, for leisure and communications purposes;

C. Gawad Ulirang Pamilya - to annually have a search for a model family that would inspire and encourage others, both parents and children to be better people;

D. Skills Training Programs - to have training programs in place for men and women that they may be equipped with skills necessary for alternative ways and means of livelihood and remain productive;

E. Infrastructure - to prioritize the building and or construction of additional school buildings, multipurpose building, low cost housing, upgrading of seawalls, break waters, path walks, sewage and canals;

F. Solid Waste Management – to become aware of its harmful environment impacts; showing to do simple sorting and separating waste materials as to recyclable and that of general waste, into biodegradable, non biodegradable and special waste;

G. Peace and Order – to intensify our capability in enforcing safety and order in our barangay in support of our dream of keeping the barangay a viable place to live.